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Árvore Genealógica


Ng Mui

Wing Yin Chun

Leung Lan Kwai

Wong Wah Bo

Jee Sim (bastão)

Leung Yee Tai

Leung Bok Toa

Leung Jan

Leung Bik

Yip Kai Man

Leung Siu Hung (Duncan)

Chan Wah Sun

Li Hon Ki

Lee Chee Kong (Allan)

Ng Chung So

Marcelo Florentino

Leung Jan

Leung Bik

Chan Wah Sun

Yip Man

Li Hon Ki

Duncan Leung

Allan Lee

For the worldwide public: This Wing Chun genealogy tree does not intend to say that Florentino has been Duncan's or Allan's formal student. It's here just to show to students and to people who appreciate his work, the places he has passed by practicing and learning the art of Wing Chun, not only him but others in the Wing Chun system, like Yip Man who has practiced with "Ng Chung So" for also, a couple of classes, and Leung Yee Tai who had learned from Jee Sim, in which, this one has nothing related to "Wing Chun Genealogy Tree”.